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ěr(dou duo) qì(quí qiú) ( lào nào )zhōnɡ 做(zuò zhuò) 车(chē cē) 衣服(fu fú) 一(座 条)

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2.汉语拼音23个声母口诀: 右下半圆 b b b 右上半圆 p p p 两个门洞 m m m 像根拐杖 f f f 左下半圆 d d d 伞柄朝下 t t t 一个

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Do you know what is Pinyin? Many students ask me this question. Actually, it’s very easy. Pinyin is the tool helping yo

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Pinyin is the base for Chinese learning, and it helps learners to pronounce Chinese. There are 23 initials and 24 fina




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