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“语音为口耳之学”。学会汉语拼音首先要学会正确的认读声母和韵母。这47个拼音字母,音和形都各不相同,如果每个字母都去跟学生详细地介绍发音器官、发音部位、发音方法想必学生不爱听也听不懂。针对低年级孩子的特 ...

Pinyin Practices 考考你的拼音
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ěr(dou duo) qì(quí qiú) ( lào nào )zhōnɡ 做(zuò zhuò) 车(chē cē) 衣服(fu fú) 一(座 条)鱼 一(个 片)家 一(朵 个)云 和(平 水) (木 目)马 ...

用拼音学儿歌,拼音学习so easy
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2.汉语拼音23个声母口诀: 右下半圆 b b b 右上半圆 p p p 两个门洞 m m m 像根拐杖 f f f 左下半圆 d d d 伞柄朝下 t t t 一个门洞 n n n 一根小棒 l l l 9字加弯 ɡ ɡ ɡ 一挺机枪 k k k 一把椅子 h h h i字加弯 ...

What's the real pinyin? 拼音是个什么鬼?
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Do you know what is Pinyin? Many students ask me this question. Actually, it’s very easy. Pinyin is the tool helping you pronounce Chinese. Pinyin has 23 initials, 24 finals and 4 tones. They look . ...

Interesting pictures to learn pinyin
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Pinyin is the base for Chinese learning, and it helps learners to pronounce Chinese. There are 23 initials and 24 finals. Pinyin without tone marks is used to spell Chinese names and words in ...




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