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Chinese grammar 1: Expressing possession with "有yǒu "

Summary:  Can you make a sentence with“有”

(yǒu) can be used in various ways, but the most basic meaning of this verb you need to know is "to have."


StructureSubj. + + Obj.

1.   我有车。

2.   我有房子。

3.   我有中文书。


Negating (yǒu)

The verb (yǒu) is negated in a special way. Unlike most verbs, it is negated with (méi) instead of (bù). The negative form of (yǒu) then, is 没有 (méiyǒu).

1.   我没有车。

2.   我没有房子。

3.   我没有中文书。


Question sentence with “

1.   你有车吗?  Answer: 有。

2.   你有房子吗?Answer: 没有。

你有中文书吗?Answer: 没有。




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